Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete is on the rise in popularity in both commercial and residential settings. It is becoming an essential service that can restore your concrete garage floor and strengthen the material. It will provide you with greater protection against heat, moisture, chemicals, and various mechanical fluids. Concrete polishing will preserve your flooring so that you won’t have to repair and replace it for years to come. It’s also a great way to keep your floor looking brand new and pristine. You also have the option to personalize your concrete garage floor with different color schemes, textures, and visual patterns. You should always take the opportunity to undergo concrete polishing for your garage floor if it’s within your budget!

Materials Used for Concrete Polishing

Professional contractors utilize different materials and techniques to install polished concrete. It all depends on the desired effect you want to achieve with your concrete flooring. We want to discuss the entire process of concrete polishing and the materials that professional contractors use.

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    grinders polishers

    Grinders and Polishers

    Having a grinding mechanism is often essential to undergo concrete polishing. They come in many different sizes, and there are several types, including hand-held as well as industrial push grinders. The type of grinder you use will depend on the area and setting in which you plan on polishing the concrete floor. Grinders that can operate at a higher RPM are often required for special areas, such as concrete stairs or alcoves. Having the right cutters are also crucial to the process of polishing concrete.
    hardening agents polishers

    Hardening Agents and Polishers

    This is the material that professional contractors will use as a coating for your concrete flooring to make it denser and more visually appealing. A hardening agent is necessary to strengthen your floor and provide it with greater durability. This will also make it easier to apply the polish. Hardeners also add more density to your flooring, which offers greater resistance to water, stains, bacteria, and other contaminants.
    diamond tools

    Diamond Tools for Floor Grinding

    Diamond tools are incredibly effective for grinding down concrete floors so that it’s prepared to undergo the polishing process. There are two main types of diamond tools: metal bond tools and resin tools. However, some diamond grinders contain a combination of bonding materials. Diamond tools are responsible for the exact bond matrix and formula that make concrete polishing possible.
    colors textures design options

    Colors, Textures, and Design Options

    We find that more and more people are deviating from plain and simple-looking floors. Coloring agents and dyes now make it possible to get creative with the appearance of your concrete flooring. You can also create a unique aesthetic by mixing in vinyl pieces, aggregates, and other coloring additives.
    commercial residential floor

    Commercial and Residential Floor Vacuums

    Once a professional contractor completes the grinding process, there is a lot of dust left behind. Excessive dust and debris can be detrimental to your health, so it’s important to vacuum up the remnants produced by the diamond grinder.

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    The Process of Polishing Concrete

    There are several important steps when it comes to professional installations involving polished concrete. We want to explain what every step entails, and why they are necessary. Here is what you need to know:

    Step by Step Procedures

    The first step in the process, and perhaps the most important, is to prepare your concrete flooring. This means that you will need to grind down your floor and remove the current coating. You will also need to clean the area and ensure that the floor is free of dust, debris, and bacteria. You must look for cracks or other physical defects in your flooring, and you need to repair them with fillers or epoxies. Once you grind and seal off your floor, you will then apply the hardening agent. Polishing is then performed with a metal or resin bond diamond tool with varying grit. To achieve the right finish, you will likely need to undergo multiple polishings.

    Additional Applications

    Although garage flooring systems are a popular setting for polished concrete, there are many different applications that you can do. It works well in so many different environments, and we want to explain some of the more popular examples.
    retail stores

    Retail Stores

    Retail stores are areas that experience a lot of foot traffic, so they need extra protection and strength. This is a setting where maintenance and cleaning procedures are also a big part of running the business. Polished concrete will minimize the effort and labor you need to invest in maintaining it and keeping it in good condition.


    If you work in food service, then you understand how important it is to establish a safe and sanitary work environment. Many restaurants still have carpeting, which can lead to health concerns if you are not diligent in keeping things clean. Polished concrete makes it much easier to undergo regular calling procedures.
    warehouses manufacturing facilities

    Warehouses & Manufacturing Facilities

    Warehouses, factories, and different industrial settings need a strong and durable flooring system. Heavy-duty machinery and equipment can take a toll on your concrete flooring, and industrial vehicles can also leave behind tire marks and cause damage. Polished concrete reinforces your floor while also increasing the brightness in your facility, which will go a long way in promoting safety among your workforce.

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    perfect contractor

    Finding the Perfect Contractor

    Concrete polishing for your residential or commercial garage is something that will require professional assistance. We always advise people to consult a professional contractor before they get things underway with their new flooring system. You should always remember that a reliable contractor will accommodate all of your needs when it comes to customer service and personalization. Go online and do some research on service providers in your area to get an idea of their portfolio and reputation in the community. You can also read the customer reviews to determine if their service is satisfactory. Once you narrow down your options, start calling different contractors and try to get a feel for their professionalism and dependability. Ask them about their experience and pricing. Also, you should always make sure that the contractor you decide to hire has all the necessary insurance and licensing. You must ensure that their priorities align with yours, and the best contractors are always very communicative and helpful no matter the situation. Once you get a chance to speak with everyone, try to compare them to see which one will offer you the best deal. Then, you are ready to get things underway with your new polished concrete flooring.

    Tips and Tricks for Installation

    We field a lot of questions about how to produce the best results and how to prepare for the installation. Many of these suggestions are also helpful for professional epoxy installers and flooring specialists. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when undergoing concrete polishing for your garage floor:

    • Water-based dyes give you more control over the coverage of your flooring and they are often used in smaller indoor areas.
    • If you want to achieve greater traction with your flooring, then you should apply an anti-slip conditioner.
    • Before the installation takes place, do everything you can to tidy up and sanitize the area.
    • Keep the area free of grease, oils, stains, and bacteria prior to installation
    • Wet polishing comes in handy for areas that undergo diamond grinding because it serves as a lubricant and reduces friction
    tips tricks installation

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    Here are some of the questions that are commonly asked when it comes to polished concrete.

    To What Extent Can I Personalize My New Flooring?

    Most professional flooring contractors offer an array of options when it comes to designing and customizing your concrete flooring. This includes a variety of color schemes, textures, and other unique visual layouts. Most experienced contractors can incorporate radial lines, grids, and other abstract patterns in your concrete flooring. Concrete polishing also achieves a glossy finish that adds an additional element of beauty to your home or business. We also encourage you to explore all the decorative choices that your professional contractor offers.

    How Much Does Concrete Polishing Cost?

    The price will vary according to the scope of the project and where you decide to install your new flooring. The amount of preparation involved will also factor into the cost of hiring a professional. You can expect the price of your new flooring system to be anywhere between $3 and $12 per square foot. Residential polishing services can often be more expensive than commercial polishing because of the need for special equipment to install it in tighter spaces.

    How long will my concrete sealer last?

    Polished concrete is a very durable flooring material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear without experiencing any damage. However, you will need to undergo regular maintenance and cleaning procedures to ensure that your flooring preserves its luster. Maintenance is fairly simple when it comes to concrete polishing because the sturdy overlay acts as a repellent against dirt, dust, debris, bacteria, and various mechanical fluids, such as oil and gasoline. Whenever spills happen, you can easily clean them up and we promise that no damage will occur to your flooring. All you need is a dustpan, broom, mop and pH-neutral cleaning detergent.

    Is Polished Concrete Slippery?

    Although concrete polishing will make your flooring a lot smoother, they are not always slip-resistant. However, you can include an anti-slip additive in the flooring mixture to establish greater traction. This is very beneficial for car garages, auto repair shops and other indoor settings that sustain a lot of vehicle traffic. Slip resistance will improve safety by preventing accidents and injuries.

    Are DIY Projects Feasible for Concrete Polishing?

    Installing polished concrete requires a lot of experience, and you also must have access to special equipment and materials to get the job done. For example, diamond grinders are not readily available for use, and you need to undergo specialized training to operate the machinery. When you consider everything that goes into a professional installation, then you will need to hire a contractor. We always recommend that you hire a reputable local service provider for concrete polishing.