Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is becoming an increasingly popular flooring choice even in areas such as garages. Concrete is well known for being a strong and durable material and adding a beautiful stain is a great way to enhance the already great benefits of this material. Stained concrete offers a variety of ways to make this flooring personal to you at an affordable price making it a great investment for your garage. Concrete stain can be added to both old and new concrete as long as the concrete isn’t in bad shape which helps in transforming a variety of spaces into beautiful areas!

Benefits of Stained Concrete

There are many benefits to concrete stain other than the obvious beauty that it offers. This flooring type offers superior durability. The color of these floors are fade-resistant and will never flake or peel away like paints. The stain penetrates deep into the concretes surface offering a rich color that you can enjoy for years to come. Stain is also very versatile and many different colors and patterns can be achieved at a budget-friendly price. Whether you want to keep things simple or stand out with a bold design, both looks can easily be achieved by concrete staining. One of the other great benefits of concrete stains is that it is environmentally friendly. Not many other flooring options can offer the longevity that concrete can and concrete won’t cause problems when it comes to disposal.

Stain Types and Colors

With concrete staining your options are unlimited. There are many different colors and designs that can be achieved to bring out your personality in your garage flooring. These floors are known for their beauty as well as the many design options available. When thinking of the look you want to achieve with your stained concrete flooring you’ll need to consider which stain can accommodate best. There are two types of stains to choose from being acid-based chemical stains and water-based stains. Each offers unique colors and design that can help you chive your desired look.

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    acid based

    Acid-Based Chemical Stains

    Acid-based stains work by penetrating the concrete and creating a chemical reaction that can result in beautiful colors with the look of marble or granite. If you want your flooring to resemble the look of wood, acid-based stains are known for being used in this process as well. These floors offer a beautiful design but are limited to earthy tones. While the color selection may be limited to more natural colors, there is no escaping the true beauty of these floors. These floors are personal to you not only in the color choice but because the design is dependent on the reaction the stain has to the concrete, the exact floor won’t be able to be duplicated.


    Water-Based Stains

    Water based stains come in a full spectrum of colors! No color is too bold to choose with these stains and colors can even be mixed to create more color options. Water-based stains give permanent color by penetrating the surface of the concrete unlike paints that simply sit on top. Water-based stains are top choice for those who like predictability. With acid-based stains the color and design is left up to the chemical reaction that takes place, but water-based stains are better controlled.

    While earth tones like brown and grey are the most popular, there are unlimited colors available so there should be no fear in going bold and dramatic!

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    Process of Staining Concrete Flooring

    While concrete staining can be done on both old and new concrete there are rules that apply to each situation individually when it comes to the staining process. When you are preparing to stain your concrete surface you have to take into account the age of the concrete. Concrete that is older doesn’t require a wait time, just the proper prep work. For newer concrete, it is important to wait until the concrete is fully cured before staining which can take 3 to 4 weeks. The entire process should take around 2 days from start to finish leaving you with a beautifully stained concrete floor in no time!

    Preparing the Surface

    AS with most concrete related jobs, the first step is preparing the surface for the stain. Preparation is incredibly important when it comes to staining concrete because these stains are translucent which means if there is dirt and imperfection in your concrete they will stick out like a sore thumb in the finished product. You can properly prepare the surface by either using a specialty cleaner or mechanically grinding the surface. Remember that this step is crucial and will dramatically impact the finished flooring.


    Add Protection

    Once the process is done and the stain has been allowed to dry overnight or longer, you can apply a protective coat. Using a concrete sealer will not only allow the color and stain to last longer, but it will protect your concrete as well. You can apply two coats of concrete sealer rather than one and a floor sealer or wax can be used to finish up for added protection against scuffs and scratches.


    Applying the Stain

    When applying the stain itself you’ll want to mask off any areas you don’t want the stain to effect such as door frames and walls. Once this is done you mix your stain to the needed ratio as recommended by the manufacturer. Once it is all mixed, apply the stain with a sprayer or brush. This is your first coat and it should be allowed to dry anywhere from 15-20 minutes. This should give you a good idea of where you staind color wise and you can decide if you want another coat depending on your desired look. It is recommended a few hours is left in between coats, but you can repeat the application if a more intense color is desired.

    clean neutralize stain

    Clean and Neutralize

    After the stain is applied and you’re happy with the intensity of the color, it’s time to clean up and neutralize the stain. First you start by rinsing the concrete until the water runs clear. Once the water runs clear you can neutralize the stain. This is only necessary if an acid-based stain was used because the water based stain won’t need it. You can neutralize your stain by using T.S.P., baking soda, or ammonia. After this step is complete all you need to do is use a soft bristled brush to scrub any remaining residue and give their surface a final rinse.

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    Finding the Perfect Contractor

    There are many DIY sites online that can give a list of materials needed as well as the entire process of applying a concrete stain but nothing beats the security of a concrete contractor. Hiring a professional is a great idea to ensure that the proper knowledge and experience are brought to the job to create the perfect concrete stained floor. While hiring a contractor may seem like unneeded cost, it can actually save money in the long run. Contractors have all the necessary tools on hand preventing you from having to buy tools that won’t have much use to you than this one job. A contractor is also licensed and insured creating job safety and a guarantee that the job is done right. We can help find the perfect contractor in your area that not only fits in your budget but has great customer reviews so you can feel fully confident in your concrete staining job!

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    About Stained Concrete

    Can concrete stain truly be applied to any concrete?

    While it is true that concrete stain can be applied to both old and new concrete there are exceptions where concrete stain simply won’t work. The deciding factor on if concrete stain will work or not is completely dependent on the surface. While most minor blemishes and cracks can be fixed and concrete stain can be done flawlessly, other blemishes may be too far gone and the stain won’t look the way you intended. Concrete surfaces that have other coatings, glue, grime, or previous sealers may not be a good fit for stains either. You can prepare the surface by removing these things, but if any residue is left over the concrete may not be a good candidate.

    How much does staining concrete cost?

    The cost of concrete stain is widely dependent on factors such as the size of the project, the stain type, the complexity of the stain design, and of course the surface preparation. Simple stains with minimal surface preparation can be expected to run anywhere from $2-$4 per square foot while the larger and more intricate jobs can actually cost $15 per square foot. This price may seem steep but it is all based on the time spent and the skill level needed for the completion of the flooring.