PVC Rolls

PVC garage flooring is also known as roll-out vinyl flooring and is one of the most popular flooring choices for garages. This flooring isn’t the same as your typical vinyl flooring found in homes, instead, it is a strong and durable solution for the hard work your garage goes through. There are different color options to choose from with this garage flooring and patterns like coin and diamond are available as well. PVC rolls are a great option if you are looking for a flooring option for your garage that is strong, budget-friendly, and easily installed!

Benefits of PVC Roll Flooring

PVC rolls haven’t become the second most popular garage floor choice for nothing! There are many great benefits to this flooring option that makes it continue to increase in popularity like those shown below!

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    easy installation

    Easy Installation

    PVC flooring rolls are incredibly easy to install which contributes to why they are so popular. To install these floors you simply just have to roll out the vinyl, make any necessary cuts for fitting, and you’re good to go!

    color pattern options

    Color and Pattern Options

    There are many options to choose from with PVC garage floors. You can make your garage more personal by picking your favorite color out of a variety of options. This flooring also has many different patterns to choose from like diamond, coins, and many more!



    If you are someone who doesn’t like cleaning then PVC roll garage flooring is the perfect solution for you! There is no tedious cleaning schedule you have to worry about to keep this floor looking its best. Simply sweep the area or rinse with a hose as needed to enjoy a perfectly cleaned garage floor!

    budget friendly


    PVC roll garage flooring is one of the most budget-friendly options on the market currently. Prices can range anywhere from $1.50 to $4.00 per square foot depending on the different options you have to choose from. This price varies because of the thickness of the flooring, color options (some colors can cost more than others), or if you are ordering a pre-cut roll or a custom-sized roll.



    PVC rolls are incredibly durable and will last! This flooring is resistant to stains, spills, and corrosive materials making them perfect for the environment of your garage.

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    PVC Roll Installation

    PVC roll garage flooring is one of the easiest floorings to install in your garage. A simple process that only takes 30 minutes to an hour and you have a completely new look to your garage. Preparation is necessary but encouraged and is equally simple. Just sweep and clean the area with a broom and lay the pvc flooring down. PVC garage floor coverings can hide imperfections like stains and cracks with ease and without spending a ton of money!

    Styles and Options

    There are many different colors and designs that you can choose from for your PVC roll garage flooring. These floors are easy to install in minutes without the use of any adhesives. Multiple rolls can be used on larger areas and seamed together. Different style options can be found below!
    levant pattern

    Levant Pattern Garage Flooring

    Levant pattern offers a smooth and clean appearance with a leather-like texture. This style is easy to keep clean and maintain that will provide years of use.

    rib pattern

    Rib Pattern Garage Flooring

    Rib patterns are more of a functional design providing a way for channeling water and other liquids off the walking surface. This pattern offers an aesthetic appeal giving a linear feel to your garage with extra durable construction.

    coin pattern

    Small Coin Pattern Garage Flooring

    A small coin pattern is an increasingly popular spin on a traditional coin pattern garage floor. This patterned flooring offers more of a textured surface with increased tractioned because the smaller raised disks. This pattern certainly increases the look of any garage while the sturdy design makes for excellent durability.

    diamond tread pattern

    Diamond Tread Patterns Garage Flooring

    The diamond tread pattern is one of the most rugged patterns offered that can give a more industrial look to your floors. This pattern will not only give a heavy duty look to your garage but offer additional traction and its strong construction will last for years to come.

    coin pattern

    Coin Patterned Garage Flooring

    Coin patterned garage flooring is the most popular pattern of PVC rolls. This pattern offers both appeal and traction in any garage setting for years of use.

    checkered design

    Checkered Design Garage Flooring

    This PVC flooring design offers a classic look to your garage without sacrificing durability. This design offers traction with a surface that is easy to clean and will offer years of use no matter what climate.

    clear garage

    Clear Garage Flooring

    This clear flooring offers protection to your existing flooring while showing its existing beauty. This option will show off your existing flooring while giving you the option for 3 different surface patterns.

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    cleaning care

    Cleaning and Care of PVC Rolls

    Keeping the PVC rolls clean and cared for is incredibly easy! This flooring can be cleaned with mild soap and water either inside or outside the garage. Brush the surface with cool water and a sponge or squeegee. While mild soaps and household detergents are safe to use, stay away from harsh chemicals that could damage the surface. Most owners prefer to move the roll outside and hose it off for easy cleaning.
    Normal household vinyl cleaners can be used to increase longevity and remove stubborn debris. Some automotive vinyl products can cause the surface to become slippery so it’s best to use a non-slip vinyl protector. In some cases stains can occur and there are ways to remove them through certain cleaners. Keep in mind it is not safe for the PVC roll to be exposed to harsh chemicals like tar remover or kerosene.

    Choosing the Perfect Professional

    While doing a PVC roll flooring is an easy do it yourself project, it can be convenient to hire a professional contractor to get the job done. Professional contractors have many options available for PVC roll garage flooring at their disposal that are easier to gain access to. They may have more access to certain colors or patterns that you can’t find in stores giving you a broader range of options so you won’t feel like you have to sacrifice. When looking for a professional keep in mind to find someone who is licensed, bonded, and insured to guarantee the job is not only done correctly but also as safely as possible. Choose a professional that has experience and knowledge. Although this project is fairly simple, having a good knowledge of products and designs can be a great way to ensure that you will get the best PVC roll garage flooring to make your space safe, beautiful, and last for years!

    Let us help you find the perfect professional for all your PVC Roll garage flooring needs!


    About Flake Epoxy

    Can PVC roll garage flooring stand the heat and cold?

    In short, yes! This garage flooring is designed to withstand the different temperatures that come with all areas of the country. Whether it is extreme heat or cold you can count on your PVC roll to remain durable. This garage flooring can withstand the hottest heat and extreme cold as neither heat or snow will damage this flooring. Take note that this flooring can experience natural expansion or contraction depending on the temperature.

    Is PVC Roll garage flooring expensive?

    One of the great benefits of PVC roll flooring is how budget friendly it is! This garage flooring option is one of the lower costing options available while still giving a great look of beauty with durability.

    How will PVC rolls fit in my garage?

    There are two ways you can fit this flooring to your garage. You can have PVC rolls ordered custom fit to the specifications of your garage or you can choose to buy the rolls and cut them to size yourself for a guaranteed fit.