Rubber Coatings

Rubberized floor coatings can be used in any area that is in need of an affordable, strong, and resilient flooring option. Rubber floor coatings are perfect for gyms, garages, and any highly used area like parks as well. Rubber floor coatings are easy to keep clean and maintain without the constant worry to repair, replace, or remove your floors. This coating comes recommended for all areas whether they are residential, commercial, or industrial spaces. Professionals can ensure a quick and easy install of this flooring creating smooth and blemish-free flooring!

Why Choose a Rubber Coating

There are many benefits to having a rubber coating and they can be used in many different areas. Playgrounds, garages, daycares, and many more locations can benefit greatly from such a wonderful and affordable coating. Rubber coatings are incredibly affordable and come in a variety of colors and can be applied in different designs. Below are some of the great benefits of rubber coatings!

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    eco friendly


    Rubber coatings eliminate the need for frequent cleaning without the use of harmful chemicals making this coating a greener option. This long-term coating is attractive and affordable whether installed in a home or business and allows for you to feel more environmentally friendly. One of the best parts of this flooring that helps the environment is if and when you decide to remove this coating it is completely recyclable!

    beauty durability

    Beauty and Durability

    Just because a coating is made to last doesn’t mean it has to look like it! Rubber coatings offer many different styles and designs without sacrificing any durability. This coating can support heavy weights, spills, and abrasions with ease.



    Anywhere that has high foot traffic is subject to accidents no matter how careful you are. This coating can help reduce the risk of accidents happening because of the natural traction that rubber coatings have to offer. Rubber coatings are water resistant making slips less likely and preventing water damage as well. While these coatings can help prevent accidents when they do occur this coating can reduce the impact thus reducing injury.


    Easy Maintenance

    Rubber coatings are incredibly easy to maintain because they are resistant to virtually anything the environment has to throw at them. These floors rarely need a chemical cleaning so a simple damp mop can be used for cleaning. If you want to try a specific cleaner on your rubber coating be sure to ask a professional for their opinion because some chemicals are safe but others can cause damage.

    sound absorbant

    Sound Absorbant

    Many gyms, play places, and other loud areas use this flooring because of the sound absorption it has to offer. When you have children playing or the clanking of weights it is important to have a coating that can absorb that sound so you can focus.

    water resistance

    Water Resistance

    While rubber coatings are resistant to most things, water resistance is one of the most important elements to protect against. Not only does this protection help against damage from water spills but it can also prevent the growth of mold and bacteria within and below the coating.

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    Process of Installing Rubber Coatings

    Applying a rubber coating has to be done quickly because of its consistency but also so that all areas can dry at the same time for an even flooring. Applying a rubber coating is best done by a professional to ensure it is done accurately for the best flooring possible. Below is a step-by-step process of how rubber coatings are applied.

    Step 1: Clean the surface and tools that you will be used for applying the rubber coating and be sure to wear gloves for the process to keep your hands clean.

    Step 2: Prepare the mixture to be applied.

    Step 3: Dip the tool into the mixture quickly but evenly and only once. Dipping the tool more than once can increase the drying time.

    Step 4: Apply the coating and allow it to dry. After it has dried check to ensure the application was done correctly and apply the desired coats allowing each to dry in between.


    Maintaining Your Rubber Coating

    Maintaining this coating is fairly simple. The main thing to remember is to clean the surface regularly. Having a scheduled cleaning routine is key to keeping these coatings clean and looking their best. Making sure that small dirt, debris, and other elements like sand are regularly swept away from the surface can make a world of difference. A nylon broom is the best tool to use for cleaning the surface because it is easier and won’t cause potential damage like that of a metal bristle broom. Routine cleaning can be accomplished with mild soap and water in combination with a microfiber mop. Pressure washing the surface should be avoided as it can degrade the binder and weaken the surface. If you want a more sanitized surface for your rubber coating, there are specialty sanitizing cleaners made specifically for your rubber coating.

    Professional Tips for Rubber Flooring

    While rubber coatings are easy to maintain and keep clean there are tips that can help them last for years to come. Some of the tips below can keep your rubber coating looking great!
    weight indentions

    Prevent Weight Indentions

    period of time. You can use items like plexiglass sheets or flat castors to displace the weight to prevent these indentions.

    manufacturers recommendations

    Get to Know the Manufacturers Recommendations

    To prevent accidental damage to your rubber coating it is important to understand the manufacturer’s recommendations on cleaning, maintaining, and what products are safe and recommended to use. Understanding these recommendations can ensure that you take care of your coatings the right way so they can last the maximum lifespan. Knowing these recommendations is important especially if your coating comes with a warranty to make sure that the warranty isn’t voided.

    leftover product

    Keep Any Leftover Product

    Over time you may experience wear, tear, or damage that will need to be repaired. Keeping any leftover product is important to help fix these blemishes so you are prepared to repair or replace any place in your flooring that needs it. Repairs or replacing areas of the flooring may not happen for years, but it is always good to be prepared in case your product or color is discontinued.

    monitor tempature

    Monitor Temperature

    Rubber floor coatings can expand and contract with temperature fluctuations which can cause increased wear and tear on the coating. To avoid this from happening and causing damage, try to keep the area the coating is located in between 65 and 85 degrees. While this coating does have a high tolerance for these temperature changes if it starts to affect the coating you’ll be able to notice. If the coating gets too hot or cold it can cause gapping or cause the edges to lift which can be a major safety hazard.

    garage flooring

    Clear Garage Flooring

    This clear flooring offers protection to your existing flooring while showing its existing beauty. This option will show off your existing flooring while giving you the option for 3 different surface patterns.

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    Choosing A Professional

    others. No matter how you look at it there is much more than meets the eye for rubber coating applications. Hiring a professional is important to ensure that your rubber coating is properly applied so it can last for its intended lifespan. When choosing a professional there are a few different factors to consider to guarantee you choose the right contractor. First, it is important to look into the different contractors in your area to give yourself options and to compare prices. Contact these different contractors and compare their services, prices, schedules, and experience. Looking at the knowledge and experience is a great way to get a feel for a contractor and you can even take it a step further to ask for a portfolio of past jobs they have done for clients to gain a visual. You always want to make sure when hiring a contractor that they are licensed, bonded, and insured. This is crucial because no matter how many years of experience they have you always want to guarantee the job is done not only the right way but in the safest way possible.

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    About Flake Epoxy

    Can you use rubber coatings indoors and outdoors?

    Rubber coatings are water-resistant, have a natural elasticity, easily maintained, and can withstand heavy foot traffic making them perfect for many areas both inside and out. This coating can reduce slips and falls and offer impact resistance if they occur keeping you safe.

    What types of subflooring can rubber coatings be installed on?

    Many subfloors have had rubber coatings installed on them including concrete, wood, crushed stone, sand, and more. Rubber coatings are great to use on many surfaces and provide all the same great benefits!

    How long does installation take?

    Typically installation takes two days depending on different factors. The shape of the area, the existing surface, and different requirements can make the process longer.

    Are rubber coatings animal friendly?

    Rubber coatings are great for animals because of the many benefits they offer! These coatings are scratch resistant, stain resistant, durable, and easily maintained making it a great surface for many different animals. Rubber coatings can even be beneficial with livestock animals and be used in trailers for transportation.