Flooring Tiles

Whatever you use your garage for there is a flooring that can accommodate your needs. Some people use the garage traditionally as a place to store their vehicles, while others may use it as a workspace, art studio, home gym, or even a playroom for the kids. The great news about garage floor tiles is that there are different materials and styles to go with the needs of your space and make it a well-put-together area.

Types of Garage Floor Tiles

When you are choosing garage floor tiles it is important to note that there are three main types of garage floor tiles. The three types are rigid plastic tiles, flexible rubber tiles, and plastic tiles, and wood composite tiles. Whichever style tile you choose will make a great garage flooring but each has its own differences to take into consideration.

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    rigid plastic

    Rigid Plastic Tile Garage Flooring

    Rigid plastic tiles are the most popular garage floor tiles currently on the market. You can choose many different colors, styles, and textures of these tiles to make your garage floor personal to you. These tiles are made of high-impact polypropylene and some manufacturers may even mix in anti-slip additives as well as anti-fatigue properties. The standard size of these tiles generally runs anywhere from 12×12 or 13×13, but some companies even offer 18×18 tiles. Another great perk to these tiles is that you can choose a solid tile or a ribbed flor-through structure to allow for surface drainage. These tiles are resistant to chemicals, stain-resistant, and are easier on your feet than traditional concrete.
    flexible rubber tile

    Flexible Rubber Tiles

    Flexible rubber tiles are also known as flexible PVC tiles and are made from a flexible polyvinyl chloride that is extremely strong. These tiles don’t allow for air or water flow underneath and are more of a solid piece. These tiles aren’t usually found in garages where high-impact work is happening but are better for garages that are more of a showroom for your car or garages that are used for game rooms or home gyms. These flexible tiles are good in these scenarios because there isn’t a worry of water or drainage happening. These tiles have great weight resistance and the flexible rubber tiles are designed to support the same weight as the polymer tiles.
    wood tile

    Wood Composite Tiles

    These tiles can be a beautiful addition to your garage while also being able to withstand 4,000 pounds of weight per square foot. These tiles have a polyethylene bottom making them suitable for garages with this moisture barrier. This type of flooring tile is designed to expand and contract with climate changes. You can choose many different finishes for these tiles whether it is paint or any finish floor material. These tiles can be harder to find in stores and may even have to be special ordered.

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    Common Materials Used for Garage Floor Tiles

    When looking for the perfect garage floor tiles you may run into all the different materials that are available. PVC tiles have become the most popular tile material while you can also find them in rubber and steel. All of these tile materials are designed to be easily maintained and cleaned as well as allowing water to evaporate beneath them so there’s no worry of mold or mildew secretly building beneath the surface. VCT tiles also known as vinyl composite tiles are popular garage floor tile materials. These tiles are the same ones found in grocery stores and schools that have a high shine. VCT tiles are great for budget-conscious garage renovation and come in many different colors while the retro black and white checkered look is easily the most popular.

    Preparing the Surface

    You may be thinking, “why do I need to prepare the surface if I’m putting tile over it?” While most surfaces can get away with a simple sweeping and be fine there are other things you can do to prepare the surface for your tile installation.

    Give A Good Cleaning

    It is always important before putting any new flooring solution down is to give the floor a good cleaning. Not only does this give a nice clean surface to install the flooring on but it also can reveal any cracks or blemishes that may need to be addressed before the installation of your flooring. One of the best ways to ensure the garage floor has a nice clean is a bucket of hot water and powdered tide detergent. Give the floor a good scrub with this mixture and rinse it away!

    Seal Cracks in the Concrete

    Sealing cracks in the concrete isn’t necessarily required but it can give added protection to your surface. Although the tile will go over the concrete, you don’t want the concrete beneath to suffer any damage. While most garage tiles are resistant to moisture and won’t cause water damage to the underlying surface, sealing cracks in the concrete gives added protection so water doesn’t seep into these cracks and prevent water intrusion. Sealing cracks can be done on your own for less than $10 with polyurethane sealant.
    seal concrete

    Seal the Concrete

    It may seem silly to seal a surface that you plan to cover but it’s all about protection. Sealing the concrete will protect it from water and chemicals alike keeping the concrete underneath strong and durable. This process is easy and affordable to keep you underneath concrete in tip top shape.

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    Choosing The Perfect Contractor

    While it may seem like a simple task to add tile to your garage especially if you choose simple interlocking tile, it is important to reach out to a contractor as they have much more to offer than simple labor. One of the perks of hiring a contractor is of course the convenience that you don’t have to do the job yourself, but you are also hiring knowledge. Contractors not only have knowledge but they have experience to ensure that the right material is chosen for the needs of your garage as well as the right installation process for the material chosen. When choosing the perfect contractor for your garage tiling job it is important to look for someone with experience not only in the field but also in different materials available for tiles so you aren’t limited to just one choice. It is important to do research on what the different contractors in your area have to offer as far as pricing, scheduling, and their portfolios. Doing a simple internet search can bring up the top rated contractors in your area while also offering many different reviews from previous clients. While you may feel confident in your abilities to install your own garage floor tile, hiring a contractor can take the stress away and save you money as well as time. A contractor guarantees all necessary prep work and cleaning is done and can offer flexible scheduling so you can get a beautiful iles garage floor without skipping a beat in your day to day activities.

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    About Flooring Tiles

    How long does it take to install garage floor tile?

    The process of installing garage floor tile is dependent on what work needs to be done to prepare the surface. If your concrete is in good shape it may be as simple as sweeping away first and getting to work which generally will take around 4 hours to complete. If you choose the route to seal cracks or even seal the concrete entirely it can add a bit of time to the process. The good news is, even with sealing the concrete first it won’t add more than a couple hours to the installation process meaning that regardless of the prep work you can do it all in a day!

    Can things like water get in between the tiles?

    Yes. These tiles are designed to allow for water and other liquids to go between the tiles so that moisture can actually exit the system which will prevent things like mildew. While these tiles allow for debris and water to exit through the in between spaces of the tiles it is recommended that they are lifted and cleaned under annually.

    What happens if I need to replace a single tile?

    The great thing about having these tiled floors is that if anything is to happen to a single tile it can be easily replaced. It may take some practice getting them unlocked to replace a single tile but the process is very simple and takes no time at all!

    How do I keep my garage tiles clean?

    This flooring is great for garages for many reasons but also because of the ease of maintenance. These tiles are easily cleaned by simply keeping the area swept. While sweeping should be enough to keep dirt and debris at bay, it is safe to mop your tiles as well. The best way to mop these tiles is with a mild cleanser such as dish detergent or even tide detergent. A mild soap and water solution is all that is needed to keep this flooring clean!